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Positivity Not Required

Another conversation I was recently party to had an interesting opening post, that people should only comment in reply if they have a positive mental attitude. Knowing the scenario, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a sly reference … Continue reading

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Invention versus Innovation

It seems to me that the two terms, invention and innovation, are often used interchangeably, except that they’re really not interchangeable terms at all. It is fully possible to be inventive without being innovative, though being innovative requires being inventive … Continue reading

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A solution in search of a problem

There is one class of innovation I haven’t touched on much, mostly because of the way I approach things, it’s one I almost never encounter. One of the greatest things about innovation is the fact that you’re playing with something … Continue reading

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Language, Innovation or Re-Education?

One of the forums I frequent brings with it a large and diverse cultural mix, all different languages and backgrounds, so it’s all the more surprising when I realise how well people communicate using the relative commonality of English. And … Continue reading

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Asking the Right Questions

I’ve talked at length about solving the wrong problem, and I’ve hinted before that the best innovations come from taking an existing situation and problem and turning it on its head. Well, a recent Lifehacker post got me thinking a … Continue reading

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Answering a Few Questions

In the time I’ve been running this blog, I have been asked some questions about it, about innovation and my approach to it, and I finally thought I’d answer those questions rather than messing about keep answering the questions the … Continue reading

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Wisdom of the Ages

I’ve said before about ‘old’ being the ‘new new’ and that in essence we learn something by looking back at where we’ve been. But I do sometimes wonder if people only study the direct lessons history’s taught us. So, today, … Continue reading

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Development by Committee… leave innovation at the door…

I’ve been part of so many projects in my time, and I’ve found that while projects invariably go in phases, sometimes in peaks and troughs, certain things are inevitable. Most importantly, when the project gets into the cycle of analysis, … Continue reading

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Treading the World Lightly – or not?

I’ve met people who tread the earth lightly, who are quite content with their place in life, who don’t court change, who don’t push against precedents, and that when they move jobs, it’s not the greatest change that occurs in … Continue reading

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