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Innovation: Adapt and Improve

Some people ask me how I can find new ideas around almost every corner, when given an idea be able to find something new on it, a new angle or direction. The core of this is, of course, the idea … Continue reading

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Innovation being the Wrong Direction

I remember stating once that everything could be innovated, and that if you weren’t able to innovate, you probably weren’t trying hard enough. Generally, that mentality holds up, even when it’s a situation that the innovation doesn’t really make a … Continue reading

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Road to Innovation

Some people seem surprised at the fact that I push innovation as hard as I do, some people seem surprised that I can almost always find a way to improve something. Admittedly, it may not always be an improvement once … Continue reading

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Heresy Isn’t Always Bad

I’ve been declared a heretic before in some circles for having controversial ideas and approaches, mostly because they’re different to what’s there and I’ve been on the wrong end of ‘should we implement this’ votes. It’s kind of nice to … Continue reading

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Protecting Innovation, Part 2

Last time, I looked at the foibles of the patent system and how it is increasingly being used as a¬†litigious¬†weapon against innovators – ultimately those with a lower bank balance; on the theory that if you can’t compete with your … Continue reading

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Protecting Innovation, Part 1

It may surprise people to know there are legal frameworks in place to protect innovation, both of the concept and implementation, though often people get confused. For protecting the concept and methodology, we have patents, and for protecting a specific … Continue reading

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Companies vs consumers

I went shopping over the weekend, and walked into a random shop that happened to sell shoes. Whilst in itself, this event was quite inconsequential, the mental leap made from it far less so, especially when compared to its peers. … Continue reading

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